Mosquito Hill Wines commitment to sustainability has roots as deep as our almost 30-year-old vines. We incorporate a holistic approach to running the winery and vineyards, all starting back in 1994 when our founder and his late wife planted our 6-acre Magpie’s Song Chardonnay vineyard, along with 300 native trees around the property to attract beneficial insects.

In 2005, the rainwater fed drip irrigation system was turned off and the vineyards moved to dry grown. In 2009 we installed solar panels on the roof of our winery and 3 large rainwater tanks, and the winery has since been run solely on rainwater and solar energy. 

The property also runs Black Angas cattle as a natural way to keep native grass at bay and when the vines need a feed, we use seaweed and can use cow manure to fertilize them. Our vineyards are also only sprayed when required with organic sprays, to ensure we are not harming surrounding wildlife and vegetation.

Our approach to sustainability has led us to producing award winning wines, while taking only what’s necessary and giving back wherever we can to allow for future generations.