Elevated at 290 metres above sea level and only 10kms from the coastline, it’s no coincidence that the cool climate of the Mt. Jagged region lends itself to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay of high quality.

Our first vineyard, aptly named Magpie’s Song after the carolling of the winery’s resident magpies, was planted in 1996 with six acres of Chardonnay. Pinot Blanc and Savagnin were later grafted on to one-and-a-half acres.
A four-acre vineyard of Pinot Noir followed shortly afterwards in 1998. Established with the help of Glyn’s tennis mates, it was named The Hawthorns in their honour.
Both vineyards were established using drip irrigation but have been dry grown since 2005. This ensures low yields of high-quality grapes.

Couple this with our vines’ maturity and the region’s cool climate and you have a recipe for small grapes that are high in acidity and flavour but light in body, allowing us to make the product we’re so proud of: powerfully flavoured wines without undue weight.